Friday, September 19, 2008


So, last week the boys discovered this cute little gal as they went to dry off their football that had fallen into the pool. It was hiding in a towell thrown over a chair. Luckily, they saw it before it saw them. This was a pretty substantial sized black widow and it made the small hairs on my head stand up.

First day of pre-school for Paige

Paige had her first day of pre-school last week. She loves her school and barely stops to kiss mommy good-bye when I drop her off.

Back to school

Mitch,Luke, Neil, and Owen on the first day of school (hmmm...over a month ago). M-sophomore in H.S. L-7th grade (middle school) N- 3rd grade O- 1st grade.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mitch and Luke

Mitch, Luke, (and Neil in the left corner) waiting to catch some waves.


Could he look any more like a surfer dude?

Paige and Owen

Owen the cool boogie boarder

Owen even got into the boogie board act with his older bros. He's usually a scardey pants with most everything but this time he surprised us. We had to pull him out of the water when it was time to go.

Our mini vacation in San Diego

A week before school started we decided to take a little trip to San Diego to hang out at the beach and boogie board. We had an awesome time! The kids weren't quite used to the cool evenings and begged for their sweatshirts.....nothing like living in bako where it's still 95 at 10:oo pm. We used to live in San Diego once upon a time and I think I caught the bug again. Sheesh!....the things we don't appreciate when we have them. I told Matt "I could so live here again!" What a beautiful place!! Anyway......we stopped off in Temecula (where we also used to live) on our way home and visited with some friends and drove around our old neighborhood. We have some great memories from there!

Happy 15th birthday MITCH

Mitch with a few of his buddies on his birthday.....okay so his birthday was almost a month ago (July 31) but least i'm posting! (jake, luke, mike, lyle, and mitch)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


After two long years Mitch got his braces off yesterday. We took this picture before he left for the ortho. He's a happy guy now but he's not so much lovin' the retainer and his teeth feel slippery. (see next pic)


And this is what nearly $4,000 bucks will get you.... What a handsome guy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cousins and Buds

Luke and Hayden at the P.G. pool.
Mitch again practicing for the very special olympics at the P.G. pool.

Paige and Daddy and the P.G. pool (Pleasant Grove). Neil snuck in the back.

LMNOP in the Hunter's apricot tree.......they actually worked really hard picking a couple boxes of fruit.

Paige with the twinners camie and Janae.

Paige and Owen

Mitch training for the very special olympics.
Air soft gun wars with the cousins........everyone got in on the action!


Cousins on the tramp at the Hunter's

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hurricane Harbor

The big boys eating all the food we (almost didn't) smuggle in to the park. Logan Urmston, Jared, Michael, and Jake Graff, and Mitch.

Hurricane Harbor

Paige was "crushin" on the lifeguard at the kiddie pool.

Hurricane Harbor

Owen had a great time terrorizing anyone (mostly the adults) with the water cannon.

Hurricane Harbor

Jared Graff and Luke

Hurricane Harbor

Neil and buddy Andrew Graff.

Hurricane Harbor

Paige and Tabby on the swing with Tom Haylee and Gavin in the background.
Training for the butterfly at age 8. The next Phelps.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Owen and Neil with their swim teacher Jordan.

Paige and swim teacher Miss Allie. Paige loves Miss Allie but didn't have a whole lot of love for the lessons. Paige would cry "It's making my breath hurt!"
Paige had a love/hate thing going on with swim lessons.... (this moment was all hate!) . It was all love for Miss Allie though whom we worship in our house.

Owen was grossing everyone out- including the teens across the street-with his hillbilly smile...(his tooth was hanging by a thread).
Owen after the neighbor boy Blake took matters into his own "fingers" and pulled out his snaggle tooth.

Paige and cousin Tabby in their matching jammies.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Cub Scout Den

Here is a pic of my Cub Scouts after performing our magic show. They were adorable!! We made magic wands and decorated capes for the show. They each had to perform a magic trick with me as the (well okay) beautiful assistant. We invited their families and everyone had a great time. Neil is in the front row in red.

way too cool for school or any thing else

Mitch and Luke in their Sunday finest (we staged the prius in the background so everyone would know how "green" we are). One of Matt's friends asked him "what does your husband drive?". It is kind of a chick car.

More cousin pics

Birthday princesses

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday, March 9, 2008

No Scandal just cute pics of my children.

They were all vaccinated and none of them recycle.